A Little Background

I wasn’t raised Catholic. I grew up with one non-practicing reform Jew, and a parent that believes in aliens. But they were good parents.

I didn’t live Catholic. Growing up I held belief in multiple gods, or I was athiest or agnostic. More realistically, I fluctuated wildly between the three. I never had a hard nailed belief. I did magic. It worked to a certian extent, but none of this fuffiled me.

Then why are you Catholic? A friend of mine, whom I don’t actually particularly like went through Confirmation. Of course, this was a really bit thing for her, and I, of course, couldn’t understand why. This lead to some deep reflection. How could this make her so happy.

I asked a man in a shop about Catholicism, and he was abundently helpful to me. As a gesture, he bought me a cheap, plastic rosary and a pamphlet on how to pray it. This moved me very much and I learned how to do all but the concluding prayers that night. While I was praying, I felt the Holy Spirit inside of me, and I was moved to nearly uncontrolable tears. That’s when I became Catholic.

I still have a long way to go. I need to take RCIA, and go though Babtism and such before I am “really” Catholic, but I am reading the Catechism and the Bible, and it speaks to me. I also pray the rosary everyday, and I go to church as often as I can so that I can sit in the house of the Lord, and reflect on my life gone by and decide how that life will change.


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