My Tools for Catholicism

A rosary. This is very important for you to get to know God personally. I pray the rosary everyday, sometimes more than once a day. To some, this might seem excessive, but it can center you. If you don’t know how, try this guide. If you don’t own a rosary, you can buy them fairly cheaply, or you could even ask a priest to give you one. Remember: When you pray the rosary, you can do more than the mysteries, though you should the first time you say it. You can also pray on your own issues.

The Bible. This contians the word of God. It has been said that ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of God. This is the truth. I read the Bible nearly everyday, but you can read a large chunk on the weekend. I use the St. Joseph Medium Size Edition of the New American Bible.

The Catechism. This book contains all of the teachings true in every Catholic church. This book is good for those who know a bit about Catholicism, and indespensible for those who are new to the faith. I read this every day.

Church. I love to go to church everyday. I don’t always go to Mass, but I sit in church, and I feel the Holy Spirit, and I pray, I read the bible, the catechism. And when I do get to go to Mass, sometimes I cry, because I can feel the presence of God. Spend some time in church whenever you get a chance. And try to find a church that is quiet during the day so that you have the heavenly solitude available no where else.

Journal. I write about my spiritual journey. I write out what I’m having trouble with, what I’ve prayed for, what I am currently learning about and reading about. Sometimes the Bible and the Cathechism can be hard, but by taking the time to study it, I can learn to apply it to my own life and better myself.


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