Convo with Illia #1

holo (h) – the ‘me’ that lines up with the body, and pretty much controls the majority of actions right now.

Illia (I) – manic-depressive artist, drawn to unhealthy extremes, easily frustrated, and explosive.

Place: The plaza
h- Who’s sad?
(weak) I am.
h- Who?
(weak) Me, Illia.
h- Where are you?
I- I’m in my room.
h- Can I come in?
h- Illia?
I- (weak) You can come in, if you must.
Place: Illia’s apartment- normally brightly lit and clean, it is dark, and things have been tossed around the room. Some are even broken.
I- Sorry about the mess.
h- It doesn’t bother me. (sits on the floor because both chairs are in splinters)
I- (sits next to her, keeps her head down a lot, weepy, uncharastaricly quiet)
h- What’s wrong?
I- (tears streaming down her face) What the hell do you think is wrong?
h- You’re upset because I’ve been talking to the others and ignoring you?
I- Yes! I was always your favorite and now you’re ignoring me! (wails) You know what I like, you know everything about me. How could you do something like that? (searchs holo’s face)
h- I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d get this upset.
I- That’s right. You didn’t think! (stands up, scowling)
h- (stands up) I’m sorry. So you’ve seen the house rules? Would you be happier if you added some?
I- (scream of dispair) What the hell is wrong with you? A couple of rules and I’ll be happy? (tosses a heavy wooden table across the room, one of the legs breaks off) I thought you loved me!
h- I do. You have to believe me! It’s just been a lot, you know? I never listened to the others before, and it’s overwhelming. If you can tell me what you want, I can give it to you.
I- (still crying) Help me clean up the room?
h- (looks around at the distruction) Yeah.
(toss out the broken wooden things. Replace the lightbulbs. Pick up clothes. Vacuum the carpet. Scrub kitchen and bathroom. Order papers. Neither talk. Illia’s weeping stops slowly.)
I- I’m sorry about all this. (sits on her bed)
h- (sits next to the bed and looks up into Illia’s face) It’s okay. What I did wasn’t right.
I- Me neither. I shouldn’t be like that. It’s wrong of me.
h- Don’t worry about it. You can work on it later if you like.
I- Yeah. I’d like to do that.
h- So do you want any house rules?
I- Yeah, but I’m not sure what. Write everyday? Something new? Make sure you get some sensation that is just overpoweringly all-encompassing?
h- I’ll figure it out. I’ll be back to talk soon. (has a headache)
(holo is climbing the stairs out)
I- holo?
h- (turns back to look at her from the top of the stairs.) Yeah?
I- Thank you.
h- (smiles and nods, then goes)

New House Rule: Write daily


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