21July2010 Wed.

What do I need in order to feel competent?
– Price out ($104) and buy electric typewriter
– Price out YMCA membership
– Get school schedualing
– Find a summer program for next year (summer with the Inuit?)
– Foreign exchange for a year (Australia?)
– Get ID
– Girl’s weightlifting team
– DE
– weigh 9 stone (126lbs)
– Something over X-mas break? Easter break?
– Find colleges that I want to apply to
– Plan college visits…
– Finish a damned manuscript
– Confirmation
– HAM liscense
– Build a house in another country
– Canoeing/kayaking solo
– Pass port

I know I didn’t talk about it yestersay, but Dark was talking to my mother, and scared the hell out of her by telling her the truth about a lot of things.

I also got a headache this afternoon, which is out of character. My handwriting is all over the place lately. I’ve had too much to digest and it’s left me quite irratable and lethargic. I need about an housr before med to calm down enough to sleep, though meditation does help. I’m enjoying my books from the thrift store, Hannabul in particular. It’s enternatining and very well written.

I had a very, very weird dream(insert scary story about rape (not rape) and posession(not posession)).

And I usually get cyclical dreams, so it threw me off.


3 responses to “21July2010 Wed.

  1. hmm a rape dream. I think it relates to your list hun. Dreaming of rape in some for or another suggests feelings of being robbed of options and negated as a human being. Maybe you’re feeling like you should already be able to possess all the things you’ve mentioned?

    As far as the list goes, that is an amazing list of aspirations! What are you doing to get them done. I suggest you get started. Take it all one step at a time. I’m sure you can do it (:

  2. As far as the dream goes: He thought he was rapeing, but she consented (not rape), and there was a dead girls soul in her (posession), but she invited her in (median).

    I definatly feel like I should already have everything on the list.

    I’m working out how to do them now. The typewriter and YMCA membership is the easy part, I should have that done by the end of next month.

    I think I can get it all done, as long as I have someone supporting me. 🙂

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