Constructed World 101601 (Post 1)

So 101601 (U61) is a universe designation that is a somewhat parallel of 101470 (U40) (ours), however it is roughly 100,000 years ahead is subjective time. In objective time it is exactly at the same time. What makes it special is that there is a rift connecting it to 101407 (not ours), also designated U47.

U47 is also objectively simultanious, but sunjectively, there is no time. U47 is made of consciousness, and because of the rift, this consciousness has spilled into 101601 since just after it’s creation, and matter has spilled into U47 slowly since it’s creation.

So, in 101601, there is space travel. And there lots of types of it. Each has it’s own specialtys, it’s strenghts and drawbacks.

All particales(well, it’s a useful metaphor) from U47, called Lithos collectively) ‘bend’ reality to some extent. Those who use Lithos are aptly called Users (this is the generic term, like ‘human’ or ‘worker’) because Lithos is in some ways addictive, and it’s main side effect is insanity and grotesque transformations.

And to preserve the stability of the mental states of humanity, they have, through natural selection, come to form their abilities in pairs. Thus they come in Rights and Lefts. That’s a pretty complicated, yet simple topic that I suppose I will discuss at another time.

And about 101601, it’s my baby. It makes me cry to think about how ‘perfect’ it is. It’s very corrupt, but there is a lot to fight against, and there is a lot of freedom and solitude to be found as well. I dream about it all the time, and I long for it, and I hold it to my breast. No one seems to be able to understand it. But I love, love, love it, and it makes me so sad that I cannot be there, that I cannot do the things that they do.

Tell me what you think.


8 responses to “Constructed World 101601 (Post 1)

  1. 101601 sounds like a cool place. The space travel alone gets me. It sucks that the only form of space travel we have here is via rocket ship and the only way to get on one is by becoming an astronaut and undergoing years and years of training. So, that right there gets me.
    As for bending reality. I think a lot of people wish for that. Personally if I could I’d bend my reality day after day. As I’m sure you would wish for the same. What’s the place like atmospherically?

  2. Atmospherically? I don’t really know what you mean.

    (I love how you can use words that I know, but don’t know what you’re asking when you use them! 🙂 That’s really cool to me!)

    As for the ‘feel’ of 101601, it really depends on where you are, because it sings. Like literal music. 101601 is made of music. Muses fly by unravelling strings so that there are harmonies in space. They fold space by folding the octave. I wish I could write music because it’s just so perfect, and yet in some places it is just so, so flawed.

    The man places to be are Los Angeles, Panora, Distonetta and VV831 (earth). Los Angeles sounds the most beautiful. It sounds a lot like Ride of the Valkyre at times. Panora has more of an edge and an anger bubbling up under it. Imagine the Ninth Symphony with Metallic’s drummer, and RATM’s singer. Distonetta is very different, imagine fiddle music. It is mostly slow in the rural, but in the urban it can be very breakneck. VV831 is chaotic and noisy, Screamo, a Dierge, and a Beaugle boy.

    If that’s not what you meant, please tell me!

    But the music in space is by far the very, very best. It would make you weep. Muse has shown me some, and it’s different from what I had, but so, so good.

    • that’s what I meant (: I like that you depicted it all with music. All of which I pictured in my mind as I read it. That sounds like a place I’d like to live to be honest. If only it were like that here.

      I love that you write about these places. (:

      • There will be more to come. And the funny thing is that I don’t usually have an ear for music, but I can hear it so well there!

        And I’m going to continue to write about 101601. I don’t know if I’ll ever sit down to actually write my stories, so I’ll just show all of this to the world, and they can love my creations, which is basically what I want anyway.

        I realized recently that I’m not in it for the money, I’m in it for the world and the story!

        So yeah, more to come! 🙂

  3. “101601” “101470” “101407”
    Why all those numbers?

  4. they are universe designators- because i love numbers

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