Overloaded — System Crash?

What I mean when I say I’m overloaded or overstimulated:

– I’m listening to fast, loud, chaotic, agressive music. Lots of twists and turns, all of them loud and raging. Somewhat demeaning lyrics.

-Surfing the net for information at a breakneck speed, devouring the object of my intellectual desire with an intensity and focus I know many people cannot manage, ever, or possibly even imagine

– Extrapolating every concept inot a “pure” model, internalized so that is simply “is”

– Mixing this pure concept with those around it with a high degree of fess-association

– Extrapolating the concept to all the extremes currently available in my mind

-Resynthesizing the cognitive scaffolding to accomidate the new information

– Cross-checking concepts to related ideas established in 101601

– Considering, analyzing and dealing with problems or changes associated with the injection or reformation of ideas in 101601

– Keeping intelectual imte and rhythm with the music

– Accessing theoretical models of speculative action-behavior used/experienced by characters (Psychology associated with future situations, as true, and as understood)

– Experiencing speculative sensations associated to concept (Sensations produced by future technology or actions)

– Filing cconcepts by “texture” (Slight synesthesia there, wouldn’t give it up for the world! Without it, I’d never be able to think this way.)

… All symultaniously, which produces an information high, which them leaves my depressed and irritable as I finish processing loose ends and analyzing deeper levels of conflict and extrapolation.


4 responses to “Overloaded — System Crash?

  1. What kind of music? Metal?? ;D

  2. Just a note, this is how Auto ALWAYS thinks.

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