Feeling My Age – 101 Cosas (pt2) post 1

This is part of my 101 things in 1001 days challenge. Feeling My Age is the first set of goals.


Design my education plan

-High school classes that will meet graduation requirements, emphasize my majors, and provide an outlet for my emotions

-DE classes that will meet AA requirements, and lead to a bachlors in Biology

-AP classes that will showcase my strenths in Science and History

-Create College lists from the following majors: Biology, Psychology, and English

-Create a “preferred colleges list” with a list of strengths and weaknesses

-Draft up a list of courses to fufill the Community College’s AA requirements, and aid a bachlors in Biology.

-Select a 4-year instution to transfer to in order to get my Bachlors
– -Visit this school BEFORE I transfer there

-Take ACT, SAT, CPT, AP World History exam

Graduate High School
-A’s and B’s all year
– -Practice Spanish every day, 30days
– -Develop and use organizational system
– -Get accomidations when/where I need them
– -Create daily schedual


Get a job I enjoy

-Find out what kind of job I would like
– -Search for places that offer this kind of job, or one like it, make list
– – -Call two of these places each week

-Revise resume monthly
– -Where can I get volunteer work that I would enjoy/relates to my career?

-Get my ID

1K in savings account

-Put away $15 for each completed goal

-Create a budget

-Get a job


Driver’s Liscence

-Learner’s Permit

Change name

-Decide on name (done)

-Find what paper work I need

-Save up the money

Move out

-Save up money

-Get a job

-Find a roommate

-Sell/trash most of my things

Get passport

-Find out what I need in order to get a passport…


3 responses to “Feeling My Age – 101 Cosas (pt2) post 1

  1. Yay you made a list! & it’s so in depth. That’s a great step on it’s own (: I hope this doesn’t sound odd, but I am so proud of you ;D I know you can achieve it, and I support you.

  2. Great blog! I haven’t noticed Becoming LeMorgon before in my searches!
    Keep up the hard work!

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