Multiplicity: No Help Guides?

My multiplicity is newly realized, triggered by my walk in Muse. And living in this day and age, the internet was my first help. I found a little on multiplicity, but no real ‘help guides’.

Now I understand that multiplicity is rather underrecognized, but this suprises me. In this age of how-tos? Or am I simply missing them?

And I do realize how everyone’s multiplicity is different. But so is everyone’s depression! And you can find lots of help guides for that… Maybe just because it’s more accepted, but still!

So in the interests of post-modernism, transhumanism, personal interest, and 21st century love of info, I suggest we create one, right here on WordPress!

Yeah, so of course, I’m too new to really know any how-to…But sure as hell I’d like to contribute to one when I get it figured out!

My first suggestion would be: Get to know everybody! Which, of course, I know is WAY harder to do than it is to say, especially if the numbers get really high, or if some people strongly dislike, or even HATE each other. Dark and Sophie for example. Catholic & Pagan…Yeah.

Or Melencholia and Apollo. They don’t do too well together either, but they have nothing against each other. But yeah. When you’re a median, sometimes when two people try to co-front, it can get PRETTY NASTY.

At this point, I think the trick is to figure out who doesn’t work well together. I can’t really tell them not to come front, but I can suggest someone else.

So, work on communication, and get to know everyone.


8 responses to “Multiplicity: No Help Guides?

  1. chartreuseflamethrower

    Have you seen the LJ community? It might help if you haven’t.

    There’s a decent amount of info out there if you know where to look, but you’re right that there are very few “how-to”s. 😕 I could ask on the LJ community if anyone knows of anything good for “fledgling systems” or if anyone has suggestions for putting one together.

    (also, on the blogroll, can you list the blog’s title “Geimurinn” instead of my username? 🙂 Thanks!)

  2. chartreuseflamethrower

    And I was given this:

    “Although being told you are multiple can be a shock, it is important to remember you didn’t just become multiple when you were diagnosed. You have all been living together for many years now, and probably have a personal style set up already that works reasonably well. Trust yourselves that you know what you are doing. This isn’t to say there can’t be improvements or you have all the answers. but the truth is usually you all (the whole system) knows what works best for you. Don’t rush to believe what others say about multiple experience. It might be true for them, but there are no blanket statements, there is no “one way” to do things. Discuss, test, evaluate every bit of information you receive and decide whether it fits you, don’t force anything to fit just because someone says it should.

    “Try not to buy into what I call the “drama requirement” I often see on other multiple websites and email lists. You don’t have to cut, have internal wars, fall apart in public, and countless other dramas to be multiple. If some of those things are aspects of your life then find a way to deal with them, to work through them, whatever. They can be challenging but they aren’t insurmountable. They aren’t just part of being multiple that you have to put up with.

    • And no, I’m not really expecting any sort of “OMFG, I’M MULTIPLE, I SHOULD FREAK!” sort of thing. It’s really not in my nature. And I’ve poked all around astraea, but everytime I look I find I’ve missed something.

      And yeah, It is a good place to start. Thanks for the help!

  3. chartreuseflamethrower

    The system that makes the zines at loony brain are planning on making a help guide. They want to know if you have anything in particular you want them to address. 🙂

    • I loved their comics over there. I (dark) don’t really know, except Holo wants to know how to keep me away. We’re starting to have a full-scale conflict in here. So that’s about it, for the moment.

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