Dark Here

Just a little bit of an update, and to clear a few things up.

Yeah, I kind of did away with the who responded to the body name. Oh well. Sa was really ruining all of our lives. I think after everything settles down, we’ll all be much happier without sa. And all the parts of sa are still here.

Sa was a hasty integration from back before we knew what the word was. Sa was only partially functional. I, Mag and Sleeper would often have to save sa’s ass. The point where I couldn’t take it anymore was the whole Melecholia bit. Melencholia split, but sa was determined to pull her back in. No wonder sa had so many body and idea issues! Sa was just a hasty, poorly planned amalgam. I seriously doubt SA’S personhood. In my view SA was the disorder.

So yeah, we’re having a lot of upheaval right now, and Holo is just sticking her nose in everything. She needs to get over her narccisism, I just can’t take it anymore! I’ll work on what she can’t stand if she stops copying Sophie’s “holier than thou” attitude. I would really like both of them to stop that. I think we could really get along if they stop!

Holo feels so damn persecuted, and she burns out really easy. I hope she keeps a back seat for the next while and lets me do things. She really paints me badly and I don’t know why!

Oh, and just for the news, I’ve absorbed Ria and Slink. It wasn’t forced or anything. It was just a bit easier like this. This is seriously going to mess with Holo’s little internal diagramming. She can’t figure out where Apollo and I are a lot of the time. Duh, we’re in the city.

And she gets so worried about the memories that we don’t share. SORRY, but that’s my business. I made a promise with sa (one responding to the body name) a long while back that I would not act on any of my “darker” impulses, in exchange for my privacy. I’m prettyu private for the most part, but I also use information as a weapon.

I understand that I may not be the easiest, or the most pleasent, or the most loveable person to share head-space with, but GODS DAMN IT! I am a REAL person. I have impulses, and I control them. And somehow mine are less acceptable than Melencholia’s suicidal binges? I don’t even fixate like she does.

So honestly, I think Holo is in the wrong. Which is not to say that I am blameless. Yeah, I busted sa up into the REAL parts, take that as you will. Despite whatever Holo says, we are actually functioning BETTER now than before. She wouldn’t know. She’s new.

~My 2 cents


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