Different Views

Sarah (Sleeper) here.

I’m really tired, and I’d rather be sleeping, but we’re supposed to post every day.

Like, therapy and “integration” is draining, straining. Why do I have to think about “integration”? If it’s meant to happen, it kind of will, won’t it? *I* most certianly am not going to help with that. Too much work. Like, really? Not interested.

Why did she have to jump all over that? Anyway, I don’t really care all that much, but everyone else seems to. Sleeping is just more productive. I’ve used all my spoons for the day. Yeah.

Sleep well.


6 responses to “Different Views

  1. chartreuseflamethrower

    If you all want to integrate- it might be a good idea. But I really dislike how therapists always push it. I don’t know how often it even works- it didn’t stick with Sybil. I’m pretty sure you’re right, if you naturally integrate then you naturally integrate (and I’ve seen that happen) but forcing it? It doesn’t seem to work very well. How well would forcing a singlet to split work and why is this supposed to be better? (actually- “therapists” used to do that, it works very, very poorly)

    • I’m actually having quite a bit of merging at the moment, but I’m not going to rush it or force it or anything. That seems like it would be counter-productive, because I’ve realized that when I stress and obsess I may actually cause me to split. And in periods of relative inner calm people sometimes come together.

      Some of us want to integrate, some of want to decide later, some of us never want to. We’re trying to get a written bit from everyone on where they stand, and what they want out of therapy. I think that’s a good place to start.

      But everyone who wants to integrate is pretty clear that we don’t want to be a singlet. The goal is between 3 and 10. So basically looking for a more manageable number.

      I think I’ll post up a short blurb of everyone’s opinions once we have them, and you can help me sort it all out. It seems like who ever’s front really colors the decision with their personal view. I just need someone to say objectively who has the majority, and I can work on the subjective majority.

      • chartreuseflamethrower

        That makes sense. It can be pretty difficult to deal with a ton- we generally just have 2, at most 4. Any more than 10 would be pretty hard to manage, I imagine. I think most people keep the number of active fronters between that if they can.

        I agree that your therapist is going with “more normal”. If you can get it to work- being singlet can be WAY harder than being multiple. Multiple systems can have it so that only a few people have to worry abotu, with school, each class so you don’t have as much stress or memory. I know someone who got locked in the front while everyone else was locked out- and they had a really hard time handling it. I know another system whose therapist agreed that they were better off multiple.

        There are systems that would be better off integrating- but it doesn’t sound like she’s basing this on your system, just on her prejudices, which bugs me all to heck.

        • Yeah, well it really pissed Dark off, so she’s going to keep a hawk eye on the woman. And if it doesn’t work, we are in the position to seek another therapist who will HOPEFULLY be supportive.

          But what I find most shocking is that she thought I had been diagnosed Bipolar II instead of Atypical Depressive, when she shares an office with my psych.

          And how can they be ok with considering ego states as different people and personifying them, and using the Interactional Analysis model, but not even be familiar with healthy multiplicity? She had never even heard of it!

  2. integration, does that mean she wants everyone to become one?

    • Yeah, that’s therapist talk for making a multiple into a singlet, which is APPARENTLY “more normal and productive”. Maybe it’s more AVERAGE, but how does she know it’s more productive. We all have different views and thinking patterns. We think that this makes us smarter. But eh… who knows?

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