Response to 5 Tips for Depression

Tip #1. Do you get enough Light and Sunshine?

Definatly not. Most days I get >10 minutes. My goal, 30 minutes a day.

Tip #2. Keep Busy and Get Inspired.

I’m currently working on my Day Zero challenge, and I’m working hard on becoming a better me.

Tip #3. Take a Break. Sit back and Relax.

Yay! My art would be really good for this. And maybe writing a little bit more. >.<

Tip #4. Maintain a healthy diet and Stay Fit.

I have to watch out for all that sugar! More greens, more fruit, less meat and preprocessed foods. It’s not the be-all and end-all, but I do know it effects my mood!

And excersice would be good too! Most of us feel thinner than we look, so we would do better to have a body that is more in line with our personal image!

Tip #5. Get a Social Life outside of work.

I’d be the first to admit that I don’t have one! I’m also working on this with my Day Zero challenge, where I’ll be making new friends, trying fun things, and traveling abroad!

I’d love to spend more time with my friends, but I never seem to find the time! It’s time to take a hard look at my priorities, and figure out what is really important to me!

Read the origional article!


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