Getting to Know Us (1/16) Kat

Yo! Kat’s in the house!

Rockin’ out and feeling awesome. And to think S was so depressed. I don’t blame Dark at all.

We should just party and have a bit of fun. Why all the fuss? You only live for so long, you should enjoy it!

So, a little about me. I love to have a good time! You want to throw a party? I want to be there! And you’ll love it. I’ve got rhythm and I sure know how to work the boys. Like Oh My God.

Scatterbrained at 2 AM. Whatever, I’m too excited to sleep. I haven’t fronted in FOREVER! S was such a time hog. Oh, boo hoo, I’m so depressed! Woe is me! I should kill myself to end the horrible pain of existance! (insert wanna-be goth rant, pity-party thing)

I prove that it wasn’t all chemical, it’s also in the way you think. So, those pills didn’t cure you. There’s some chemical depression, but the pills are for that. So we’re good. We’re all better without you S.

I like to laugh at my problems, or things that bother me. I think it’s natural and healthy! I think that more people should try it.

I realized one really good way to control our system is through music. Music can bring people out or concentrate them. Aversion to a certian type of music can also tell you who ISN’T front, or is NOT interested in fronting.

I’m pretty much gone. Talk to you later!

~Kat over and out


2 responses to “Getting to Know Us (1/16) Kat

  1. haha Kat you are too much 😛 with all the boys and such. Outgoing, I think so.

    I think she should be fronting more often, maybe for events or a social get together? It’s refreshing. Also interesting to see one specifically who is far more different than the rest.

  2. They’re all pretty different I think. But yeah, I’d like to see her more too. She LOVES social events. 🙂 and social events LOVE her!

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