People Like Me

Where the flux can I find people like me?

I hate this small town. I hate being this young. I hate not being in college yet. I hate not working in the biomedical field.

Why? Not because I dislike being what I am, or want to be any of those things, but because I want to find people like me. People who are interested in absolutely everything. Really intense and dedicated people. People who are willing to sit and discuss over coffee, then take their weekends to make it happen.

I want lively discussions. I want protests. I want design prototypes. I want intellegent and opposting or interesting viewpoints. I want refreshing and stimulating perspectives at the table. I want someone who’s feild of intrest is as wide as mine, who’s mind is as open, who’s as adventurous, and has a damned love of learning.


All the nerds are uber-specialized into one things and can’t explain it or tell you where to find an explaination, and they have no other interests. Where are the fluxing people like me?

Where are those people with a sense of adventure? Where are those people who listen to classical, Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd and MSI, who read space opera, textbooks, transhumanist mailing lists, and look up how to skin deer or evade hostile armies on the internet?

Where are those people who like newspapers, pamphlets, books, forums and the internet the same? Do any of those people go camping? Do they alternatly wish they could live primaly and colinize space?

Do they have dreams with so many inventions that don’t yet exist, or probably can’t, that they don’t know where to start? Do they have my love of how-tos and writing? Do they respect religion, but not always believe in it?

I’m raging, and I’m really suffering. I need a friend like that. I need a friend, a real friend. Someone you couldn’t seperate from me with a spatula, and yet we’re only together two days a week.

It’s fluxing killing me.

Who else is interested in xenoculture, conlang, OSs and RPGs? AIs and knitting? Cooking and X-rays? DNA, ICBMS, AIDS, GMOs and HMOs? Retinal imaging, RFID, GPAs, HTML, LISP, C++ and fashion design? Anime, space ships, ribs and mental illness? Serial killers, welfare and ergonomics? The history of propaganda, anorexia, and the safir-whorf hypothesis? Copyediting, doodling, texting and alternitive energy?

Crochet, movies, pies, the physics of time-travel? Biomimicry, the evolution of religion, nutricition? Birds, gellationous sea life, and how they make life-saver candy. Text-based OSs, HAM radio and melbourne shuffle. Zouk music, buddhism and graffitti?

The Inuit and the australians? The future of astrology once we are in space. The future of certian trends when we colinize elsewhere. Space travel! Aliens! THE CDC! MI6!

F M L, sertiously! Being me is a FLUXOR! Where the flux are people like me?!?


6 responses to “People Like Me

  1. If only you lived near me! Some times it seems as if the things you write are exactly how I feel. I mean it’s kind of ironic how much we seem to have in common. Honestly, it feels nearly impossible meeting people like myself. Like you, I love many things that have little to no relation with each other. Things others find “boring” or “scary” or “twisted” or “unrealistic” I love those things, which is why I find myself separated, because no one else seems to. Except you, and you live far away ):

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