I don’t know if I posted this a while back, if I have, sorry.

Ria and Slink don’t exist anymore. They merged with Dark. Its been over two weeks and I really don’t know the impact of this because Ria was like glue, and Slink was like acid. So who knows?

Maybe this has caused some of the instability.


6 responses to “Dark

  1. whoa! no wonder Dark’s been acting up lately. Clearly the merge of two polar opposites has caused some instability in Dark. That kind of explains your previous headache! It could’ve been part of the Aftermath.

  2. Yeah, but she’s so private that she really wom’t let us help her, even if we could. (And we’re not sure we can)

  3. I agree. We can’t force anything on her. We can try to help her if she asks, but there’s no reason to try and strong arm her. But the headache is back. ><

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