Headache Resolved

Resolved the headache issue.

1) Pressure front moving in
2) Ms. P’s driving
3) Hadn’t taken my pills
4) Dark overstimulated
5) Bean scared
6) Didn’t go for a walk last night


9 responses to “Headache Resolved

  1. I’m glad it’s resolved I had just read the other post and was about to suggest some remedies, but it seems you have it under control (:

    what was bean afraid of?

    • Bean was scared because of Dark I think. Because she’s so strong? ~holo

      I was telling her a scary story. ~Muse

      She doesn’t like it when I yell and scream, when I feel hurt, even on the inside. ~Dark

      I wasn’t scared, I was sad and worried. I think Dark is sick. ~Bean

      She needs someone to hold her. Dark should really be her mother, and me her dad. Muse should be her aunt instead of the one taking care of her. But until Dark gets better, we can’t put her through that. Dark and Bean used to be sisters, and Bean was older. Then they were the same age, then Dark was the bigger sister, then the older cousin, she abandoned her when she went for the long sleep, then became her aunt when Muse came in. But she should really be her mother. ~Apollo

      Yeah, I’ll have to stop the commentary there, or I’ll have a whole post.

      • How is it that she aged faster than her?Does that mean Bean doesn’t age? (sorry, I’m just curious :P)

        • Bean ages, just in perportion to how old she “feels”, and her body image. She’s still in a child’s body, she thinks nearly the same as she did when we were eight. She had aged normally up until then.

          Dark is by her nature more of a brooder. She spent more time front, or close to front, or paying attention to front. So because she’s had more experience, she’s aged faster, and her body image is older too. She’s somewhere between 19 and 21. The body is neary 17.

          And it’s not offensive to me. I find it all rather interesting too! I was interested in multiples for eons before I knew I was part of a system.

          Maybe I’ll put up a post on it, if you have more questions on it.

  2. Glad the headache is resolved.

  3. (I’m going to reply here rather than pressing reply because the text box became too narrow)

    That fascinates me. When did you learn you were a part of it? Yes, please do. I didn’t really know much about all of this besides brief things here in there in novels and what not. And being the type of person that I am, and always wanting to learn as much as possible, well I’d like to read about it (: Seeing there really isn’t much about this sort of thing anywhere else and if there is, it’s not in the context you share.

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