Body Name

Post prompted by a question from BeautyDeep.

Body Name– The name one is born with, or the legal name

Who responded to the body name?
S is the one that that responded to the body name. We grew up as her. To explain that, I mean that most of us were poorly fused into S, who is best thought of as a straightjacket.

Why don’t we hear about her more?
S is dead. When Dark realized that she could kill S without killing herself, or the parts that made S, she killed her.

How did Dark realize she could do that?
Muse, our fictive, walked in. At this point, Dark figured that S wouldn’t “die” as much as she would split into the poorly fused parts.

So what happened to the parts of S?
Dark threw them into the pool in Plaza. They formed back into their original people, which are more functional.

When did S die?
Between July 8 and 18.

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2 responses to “Body Name

  1. S is the dead one then. From what it sounds like, S was a misshapen merger of everyone. None of the members appreciated being strapped together so they divided and Dark was the one who caused the release. Am I off?

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