My Medianhood

Idea promted by BeautyDeep. Thank you!

Singlet– a body with only one person in it, the “default” concept of a person.

Member of a multiple system– (multiple from here forward, though they should be referred to as a member of a multiple system) is a person who shares a body with other, independent people.

Median– a body which falls between these two. They have multiple people in one body but “they’re all really so-and-so”. This is NOT true of multiples, and they find it insulting for people to tell them this.

I am a median. I realized it early to mid July of this year when I experienced a walk-in or fictive, that is a person from a fictional world. Needless to say, I was extremely surprised!

This made me question myself and I realized what had labeled as facets and mood swings, were actually real people, all connected by a sense of “me-ness”. Muse (my walk-in) does not feel like “me”, she does not share this sense of “me-ness”, the textural fingerprint in “my” ideas and thoughts.

So in a sense I am both a median and a multiple.

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4 responses to “My Medianhood

  1. That clarifies a ton! Also, I don’t blame them for disliking that. They seem to be just as complete as persons as any one else.

    • They definatly are.

      I have this theory that if it’s inside you, and it can’t be measured on the outside, that you should just take people’s word for it. Especially if it doesn’t hurt anyone. You seem to agree with that theory.

      BTW, what are the other three languages you speak? I ran across a comment of yours somewhere that said English was your fourth! 0.o I barely speak 1 and a half!

      • I like that theory. I think I put that theory to use a lot.

        haha, in order it’s 1. Arabic, 2. Turkish, 3. Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, 4. English and 5. French. I speak 5 languages in total. I need to learn Spanish next. I say need because I need to learn things all the time haha.

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