The Questions You Want Answered

You were probably directed to this post from another post. Very clever of me, to get more views! Mwah hahahaha haha! *chokes* What?

Anyway, the real reason for this page is for those bigger questions about concepts and positions. As a writer, I always like having a direction. As a blogger, I like knowing what interests you, so can give you more if it. BeautyDeep has already started a roll of posts by emailing me some questions.

But you can just leave your questions here in the comments. If I have a post based off of your question, I’ll leave a link to the blog or post of your choice (I’m assuming your blog front page unless you say different). If you like, I can also leave any information about you out.

Thank you for your participation!


7 responses to “The Questions You Want Answered

  1. great! I’ll post any other questions I have from this point on here (:

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