The idea for this post came from a question by BeautyDeep. Thanks!

Does everyone name themselves?
Most of the names in this system are “temporary” names. Some people came to like their names and stuck with them (Dark), others immediately gave themselves names (Apollo, Mag), and others eventually found one (Sleeper became Sarah).

What is your policy on naming?
Everyone is free to change their name because we agree that names are an important part of who you are. We’ve decided on a new name for the body as well, a name that everyone in the system is comfortable with.

What is the significance of the names?
Not all names have significance. In a certain way, those that did not come up with a name have the most significant names because their names a based on what is most noticeable about them.

Dark is our more morbid, destructive shadow. For years S refered to Dark as her “dark side”.

Apollo named himself after the god of the sun, he’s bright and sexual, so I suppose it fits in a way.

Melencholia is an old name for depression, although it is spelled melancholia (the second vowel is an a in the word, and an e in the name).

Red is named that not because of her anger, but because of a red cloak she likes to wear.

Kat is called that because she really identifies with cats.

Auto is our fall back auto-pilot, and logic is for him automatic, he processes information like a machine. I’m give an in-depth, step-by-step later.

If You Have a Big Question, Or Want a Through Response

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2 responses to “Naming

  1. haha I like that Sleeper is now Sarah. (:

    I figured the names would have significance! I thought Red was anger but the cloak makes more sense. & you can post as much as you like. This is the internet after all haha and I enjoy reading your posts.

    • I have a set of posts planned out from your questions. 🙂

      But no, most of the names are just named after the characteristic that makes them most recognisable. Ang, for example, came from the word anger.

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