Post prompted by a question by BeautyDeep.

When did you realize you were a Median?
I realized I was a median when Muse came in, and when S got busted up.

How long have you been a Median?
For as long as I can remember.

Looking back, I’ve always been a Median. A good indecatior is how my preferences changed dramatically when I had my “mood swings”. Two good examples in my life are peanut butter and hot dogs.

So how it that different from being bipolar or having mood swings?
It’s a question of degree, intensity, and origin. Illia might be considered bipolar, and Melencholia has depression (clinically diagnosed), but as a whole we are neither.

To be bipolar, we would have to have extreme reactivity/mood swings. Except for Illia, we do not. On the outside, it may seem like we do, but this is often switching, or an internal conflict.

And for mood swings, yes we have them. Each of us does. Please remember that the body is still in puberty, and most of us are in puberty too! Lots of hormones= lots of reactivity. However, the people I share headspace with are NOT “just mood swings”. They have their own preferences, genders and sexualities.

If You Have a Big Question, Or Want a Through Response

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6 responses to “Realizing

  1. Peanut Butter and Hot Dogs? Does that mean you liked them a lot and then suddenly thought they were gross?

    That’s really neat!

    • Yes, some people in hear love them, and others CANT STAND them, or the smell/look of them.

      And I don’t mean the two together.

      • haha I know what you mean (: It’s funny that you mentioned exactly those two things because I hate peanut butter and hot dogs but when I had my wisdom teeth removed and I was on T3’s (btw I’m a light weight tylenols knock me out and T3’s send me to lala land haha) Anyways while I was on them I was in love with peanut butter and hot dogs. When the week was over I was confused as to why I had tubs of peanut butter around me, apparently it was the only I wanted to eat or could eat.

        • Wow! I had my teeth cleaned a while ago, and my taste off food completely changed. Food also tastes different for me after I exercise. Maybe it was that sort of thing going on?

          • Maybe. It could also be due to your lifestyle change. I know when I started eating better I had less of an appetite for junk food. I don’t know why, but if I ate a cookie or chocolate or chips or anything “bad” it’d taste awful. I think it’s because of our tastes buds. They can change due to the mind. For you, you have different people within the body so each has a “mind” of their own which controls your taste buds.

            • Agreed. Muse bought an ice cream today, thinking it was like a treat from back home, and was sorely disappointed. She was expecting a frozen-paste/smoothie thing that tasted like lima beans!

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