Prompted by a question from BeautyDeep.

Fronting means being in charge of the body.

How many people front at a time?
Very rarely do we only have once person fronting. We usually have two to four people up front. This can become quite complicated when ideas and feelings in a given situation are contradictory.

Who’s fronting?
Determining that can be hard for us too sometimes!

One way we tell by the “texture” of the thoughts, or the patterns that they fall into. Another way we help it along is by trying to pin down gender and sexual preference.

In our head, it runs something like this:
Who’s front?
I don’t know.
Well, how are we thinking?
Kind of analytical and sad I guess. We’re a bit weepy, and there’s not too much humor. We’re frowning.
Anything else?
Female, likes boys.
Ties with other people?
Ehhh about Dark, distrust Sophie.
Conclusion = holo

Who fronts when?
At school – Auto & Mag, or Melecholia.
Out with friends – Illia, Melecholia, Dark, Sarah
Church – Sophie, Dark
Family – Mag, holo, Dark, Red, Muse
Alone- holo, Ang, Red, Sarah, Melencholia, Auto, Illia

Gro uping by characteristics:
1) Holo – Mag – Bean
2) Ang – Dark – Red
3) Exode – Apollo – Kat
4) Melencholia – Sarah – Sadie
5) Sophie
7)Muse – Illia

If you have a question regarding medianhood or Multiplicity

On a related note, we have begun a fronting journal, offline. If we get any results, we’ll be sure to tell you.


2 responses to “Fronting

  1. I wish you well on your new journey. I can’t begin to imagine, for me, what it would be like to just recently realize you are a “median” (I like that term). Good luck. I’ll check back.

    • Thank you for the support. It is interesting! In a good/bad way. And I post just about everyday, and look forward to anny comments/critiques that you may have.

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