So I Realized

I realized that I’m the original. I realized that I’m the most developed. I realized that everyone split off of me. I realized that I have the ability to reduce the numbers.

And with this realization, I realized a few more things:

  • I have a responsibility for everyone
  • I really need to try to understand everyone
  • I need to front more
  • I need to work on my temper
  • We need to agree on a plan of action

Does anyone have questions, or comments, or anything? I really want to hear from everyone!


2 responses to “So I Realized

  1. Are you sure that’s a good idea? (to rest of the members) I mean with the Darkest member fronting things may happen.

    • She fronted all day today, and she actually did really well! Everyone said how pretty she is (they always say that when she’s front, she kind of glows), and for once she wasn’t offended, because of that integration with Slink. Her integration with Ria has given her oodles of self control that she doesn’t know what to do with.

      She smiled almost all day, and she had a great time! And while she’s fond of being dark, she is seriously considering changing her name to something less… maligning.

      We’ve thought about that one. I’m never sure if anything I’m doing is a good idea! But if Dark acts like this when she fronts, she’s welcome to! She acted way better than I do, more cheerful, nicer. So we put conditions on it. She has to work on her problems every day she’s front.

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