Becomeing Muse

Muse in.

I’ve managed to set up my computer and keyboard so that I am not facing the computer, other wise the interface would really bother me. I know that I should be letting Dark front, but this shouldn’t take too long.

I grew up in the backwater park of Distonetta, a world that soulds like fiddle music. When I turned eight, we moved to a big city, the name of which I think I’ve either blocked out or lost. When I turned nine, I met Wrench. Of course, she wasn’t called that then, but when she turned twelve, she being a year older than I, she got her nick name, that’s the custom on Distonetta. I bucked the ettiquite and stayed with my own name.

So then the Great War started. It was talk every where. Wrench and I were a bit political. We talked about the war and it’s implications always, but it was still far off. It didn’t really hit home.

But one day that changed. We had just gotten out of class, and Wrench’s father calls. Her uncle, who worked for a shipping company, had been killed when the front had moved up rather unexpectedly. Wrench was never the same. She fell into a deepression, then seemed to snap out of it. She confessed that day with a strong and determined face that she was enlisting.

Now, at 17, Wrench was my other half, in a secret way I loved her, and I openly admired her. So even though I hated the military, I tried to enroll while there were still positions available in her unit.

However, I did not pass the physical. There was this little spot in my brain that had too much selective magnet in it. They said it would make me unstable in long term space flight. I was crushed, but I decided that I was not defeated. I would help her in any way that I could. So I took every test to get into space that I could. I worked odd jobs to pay for them. Last and finally I came to being a Lady. This one was the most expensive. I figured it was all over, so I took money out of my savings and paid for it, figuring if I didn’t pass this I would just kill myself.

Luckily. I had it. I passed the test, if only by a point or two, the magnetism in my brain again effecting my chances. But I made it!

I went to academy, and I was an average student, with a rough but passible talent for flying shifts. I was not fit to do offense, which in hind shight is good, because unlike so many classsmates of that year, I still have my sanity.

So I flew, and flew. I have a relationship with the music that most people don’t. I feel it the way that many people cannot. And most of all, I love it. As time passed, I wanted to be less and less associated with Distonetta, and I finally picked up a nick name Muse. I never learned what happened to wrench. Durning the First Distonetta-VV831 war I was home. I think she probably died before the second.

Over the years I have picked up another nick name- Lady Superior. Now I am one of the oldest, one of the fastest, one of the best. And now I’m here. This place like VV831 from over 2000 years ago, but different, somewhat substancially different.

~Muse out


4 responses to “Becomeing Muse

  1. That is incredible! So Muse is a transgender? I’ve found a new appreciation for her.

  2. “Last and finally I came to being a Lady. This one was the most expensive.” Sounds like she had a gender switch.

    • Haha, no. Lady is a job. Only women can do it (there is a one person exception, but that is not relevant). Muse=Lady=’Flexive mate. You address a Muse as “lady whatever”. No she was always female.

      I can see how that might be confusing though!

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