To All you Trans Men Out There


Damn you guys are strong! I don’t front much, so I never realized how bad it is for you! How do you do it? Where do you get the strength from?

I need a better binder. I need some guy clothes. I need some fricken MALE UNDERWEAR!!!

Hello curves. I HATE YOU DIE! I like to see you on other people, but not on me! I’m not a lesbian thank you very much, and I don’t want people to think that! Not that it’s a bad thing, just, I’m NOT!

Someone else is going to have to buy me stuff, maybe Apollo? I don’t want someone to see me like this! Ugh, and the hair. I can’t wait until it’s long and all the same length. Then I can just pass as an effeminate guy or a long hair.

It’s hard to be angry when your chest is bound so flat that you CAN’T huff and puff without difficulty. It’s probably TOO tight, but I just don’t care. Die little fleshy mounds!

Suggestion? HELP!?


2 responses to “To All you Trans Men Out There

  1. Oh but Ang that’s unfair to the others who may be female. The body is a take it or leave it deal. Unless you as a whole decides to change it to another.

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