Falling Apart

I’m getting so bad right now. So bad, so bad. I haven’t taken my meds today and I don’t want to. That’s bad. I’m not eating enough, I don’t want to eat enough. That’s bad, bad, bad.

My energy is high, that’s Bad. My mood is low. That’s BAD. I’m angry as flux, that’s BBBAAAAAAAAADDD. And I’m haveing violent sexual dreams. Not good at all, not good! 😦 I don’t know what to do!

Headache, switchiness, not good. Mood swings NOT GOOD. Filled with RAGE not good.

I’m fluxing spiraling! That’s what I’m going. I’m excercising but that’s not making it better. I’m anxious. I’m fluxing falling apart!


3 responses to “Falling Apart

  1. oh no! :/ you need to take a step back. Lay down take deep breathes. Then go eat a proper meal. You need to slow your brain down, watch tv or something the less hyperactive it is the more you’ll be able to focus.

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