I was frantic in my last post about depression, but it was true. I’m beginning to be in a bad way.

I self-harmed a bit yesterday, but not much. I’ve started going back to the depression understood chatroom as sophia101601, because i can’t remember what I used two years ago.

I got suicidal as the day progressed, and almost called a hotline, but talked to my mom instead and freaked her out.

So if I miss a day of posting, PLEASE E-MAIL ME!

Thank you


6 responses to “Depression

  1. Sorry it took me a little bit to jump over to your blog. I’ve got it set to email me your updates now. I’m sorry you’re struggling, and that your mom couldn’t be a help to you. Do you have anyone else in your life that can help?


  2. no problem

    nobody else, sadly, ‘cept my internet peeps

  3. Oh dear :/

    take it easy love, what’s on your mind?

  4. how worthless/disappointing i am.

    and i really don’t want to go back to school.

    I just want to cry 😦

    • you are not worthless or disappointing. You’re growing into what you want to be. You’re young with great aspirations and when you’re ready to accomplish them you will. I know you will. You’re intelligent and dynamic. You have a lot going for you. Be proud of yourself, I am.

      School is difficult but with it you’ll be able to go to uni/college and that’s where you’ll really enjoy yourself. Especially since you love information so much.

      Don’t cry love, you’re strong. You are. Believe that.

      • i believe
        but nothing makes sense now

        my life is ech

        my insides are squirming
        halfup halfdown
        think i may be bipolar
        mixed episodes feel like this
        they can be deadly

        😦 im scared

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