Post Style – And Why

just want to warn everyone

as my depression grows
posts will prolly look more like this
short lines
no real sentences

prolly a lot of emotes
ill be on depression understood chat alot
prolly lots of desperate posts
sorry in advance

this is all i can manage atm

lotsa shorthand too
srry 😦

just so out of it


i wanna cry

luv all of you
srry bout all this
itll prolly last forever too
usually 3 to 4 months

not usually so bad so fast though
usually more gradual
but i was suidical yesterday

makes me scared 😦

somebody save me


4 responses to “Post Style – And Why

  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. ((hugs)) to you.

  2. undercoverdid

    Post away and keep connecting to people. Thinking of you and hope you will find your way out of these thoughts soon. I know how scary it is.

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