New Day

I’m tired
Slept from 0400 to 1100
so… 7 hours
Where is my nine?
My hours are all F-ed up

Still haven’t done my HW
School starts on Monday
I just… dont want to do it
Why isn’t the panic kicking in?
I should be panic-ing!


2 responses to “New Day

  1. christopherolah

    Hey! You commented on my post about magnetic finger nails, and I just got around to checking out your blog.

    I’m really sorry you’re not feeling well.

    Regarding school, are you in grade school? College/uni? Are there any subjects you’re looking forward to?

    I personally love math. Most people don’t and I think that’s because most math teachers aren’t very good. 😦 But if you’re taking math this year and don’t usually enjoy it, you might find this short movie motivational.

    Did you ever do something with magnetic fingernails? That might cheer you up… They’re lots of fun, especially when you randomly pick up change with them and shock cashiers! 🙂

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