Yesterday and today

I felt UBER happy last night- I would even hazard to say hypomanic.

Now i still have the energy, but i feel angry and frustrated.

So- definatly going to try and post more- because, I mean, if I can journal, why can’t I blog?

On a related note- im thinking about CBTing through my fears.

Also- my parents want me to switch therapists and shrinks. I’m thinking about getting a photocopy of my note to take with me/read.

What do ya’ll think. I love when you leave comments, no matter what they say. Makes me feel like people are reading!


3 responses to “Yesterday and today

  1. I’m glad you were happy last night.=) From what I have read about CBT is that it really does help. Any case I hope whatever you do works out for the best for you.

  2. What exactly is CBT? If I might ask. I’ve heard of DBT, is it a course?

    Sounds like it may be hy[omanic, could be because you’re taking your pills again. I suppose being hypomanic is a relief to feeling gloomy, so I’m glad you’re happy too (:

    Also, why do they want you to switch?

  3. I’m so happy that you felt happy last night! That’s AWESOME!!! I hope that continuing to blog will help you get out what you are feeling. And yes we are reading!!!!

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