Bomb Threat

Had a bomb threat at my school today. Nothing too serious, there was no bomb.

HOWEVER, we were left to roast in the bleachers when it was right around 90F. I also managed too cook, and should have a rather nice sunvurn.

My mum was freaking out when I got home, but at my high school we just laugh it off. There has never been a real bomb there, so threats are just a horrid was of getting out of class. I missed three classes by the way. ),:

However, I don’t much mind, as I am going to Atlanta, GA soon so that I can go to Dragon*Con. I’ll be missing two or three days of school, depending on when we get home. I LOVE labor day weekend. 🙂

What are your plans for this weekend?


One response to “Bomb Threat

  1. I hate when we get random threats or the fire alarms get pulled, that’s an annoyance! While I was in College we’d have the alarm go off and we’d have to evacuate the building no matter what we were doing or wearing, or not wearing ! It was so awful and to top it off it was in the winter. It happened 9 times in the span of 2 weeks! I got pneumonia due to that.

    Oooh that’s exciting! I think my family is coming down to visit.

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