Words And Such

It’s amazing to me how mych the jewelry I am wearing can change my moods… Brings different people to front. I have a very female analytical mind up here- Ria I suppose- which makes me think that Dark hasn’t fully absorbed her. Which is sory of that I thought, to be honest.

But it’s not like the old Ria either… She has more energy, more pep. More confidence, is more interested in expressing herself than in mediating confliscts- I think that she has realized that she has to have lives outside of her crises. And she’s doing quite well to be honest.

She- I – am enjoying typing very much at the moment, and I am very much awake at the moment. The ways my fingers are moving over the keys, the way I am thinking, the way that a lot of my body dysphoria is gone for the moment. 🙂 I could get used to this.


7 responses to “Words And Such

  1. =] Good to hear.

  2. I’m in there right now.

  3. Awh good to hear from Ria, I had worried she’d be absorbed, but now I’m glad to hear she hasn’t been. (:

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