Just Going To Hit The Roof

Well- I had an eloquesnt and angry rant written here- but I dont care to do it again. So here are the bare bones of it-

I’m going to take this up i’m in- and I’m going to milk it until I explode- I’m going to indulge and encourage myself- I’m going to keep taking the antidepressants- and I’m not going to fight it at all.

Trust me- I know just how bad this crap is going to get- how bad i’m going to feel at the crash. But I dont care- I have to prove what I think is true- That I’m prolly Bipolar. If I dont manage to have the spectacular that I know is going to happen- I will admit defeat- that I was just wrong- that I’m just depressive.

But I cant live with my skink- WHOM I PAY- ignoring the things i say. Yes- i know how stupid this is- but i dont think you understand how much it means to me to prove that im not a lier.


2 responses to “Just Going To Hit The Roof

  1. My mother is bipolar and I can see that you may be as well. If you’re psyche is ignoring that, than they are ignorant. I’m not sure what you’re about to do, but I hope you’ll be alright.

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