Day 3- Bipolar Test

wake- 8am- pumped
Argue over breakfast
Sing and dance waiting for bus stop

Super-fast test in anatomy
ran through art
lower body weight-training- broke moderate sweat- felt good- to excited to remember to go to failure

Ate my lunch
Ate bought hamburger
Ate half of another lunch
Ate 1/4 pack skittles

Confident and focused
Distractable in History
Didn’t want to sit in Spanish
Looked at strange and mocked for talking strangely/too much

Won design contest in DIY
Ate 1/5 cake-tin of brownies

Headache when picked up
Chinese food
Buy sketch book
Decide of Forgign exchange
Love doodle in sketch book
Walk on beach- great idea

Up from yesterday


One response to “Day 3- Bipolar Test

  1. You seem to be very up from yesterday. I’m wondering how tomorrow is going to go.

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