Day 4- Bipolar Test

Woke- 8am- 7 hours sleep
Groggy- Pumped
Breakfast- Took meds- Pack Lunch
Draw while wait for bus

Uncertian in English
Planning hello letter in Anatomy
Doing well with color in Art
Ate 2/3 lunch
Maxed out at 80lb bench- up 10 lb!
Ate 1/3 lunch

Little bit of flirting
Leg then hand between my legs while sitting at lunch
Kissed him as I left
(I dont think that he wanted me to kiss him)

No pre-cal homework done
Joking in History
Enjoyed Spanish- didn’t know vocab but okay about it 🙂

Asked about the depression thing related to the foreign exchange
Took bus home
Ate cereal
Learned there will be a pride event during the middle of my b-day party 🙂

Up from yesterday


One response to “Day 4- Bipolar Test

  1. You seem in a up mood today 🙂

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