Bipolar Test- Day 5

Sorry this is late- i got side tracked

Woke 6am- groggy and pumped
bike 10k to school
took a make up test in anatomy

took school pictures
did a lab
finished my still- colored in a personal drawing
maxed at 80lb- upper body

Uneventful lunch
the dog-boy sat acros the table from me- wondering if he’d get a BJ- ( i was thinking, not if you call it a BJ mate)

Group test in math
Review in history
A little work in spanish- energetic

Biked home- talked with a guy from school who im thinking about asking out
nearly colapsed at home
Took my pills
Stayed up
Panic attack- distractable
Decided to skip school the next day

So- mood was mostly up from the day before- energy continued to climb


One response to “Bipolar Test- Day 5

  1. seems like you keep going on.

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