Bipolar Test- Day 7

Had severe trouble sleeping
Goldberg questionaire @75
Ice cupcakes
Ex is first guest
Guests show up
Go to gay pride- still jittery
Lose virginity

So- Up AND better than yesterday


5 responses to “Bipolar Test- Day 7

  1. Good for you Soph =)

  2. sounds like a packed day, lost V card haha that’s a big one!

    • yeah- it was unexpected! It’s complicated too because he’s in an open relationship- i dont know how his GF will react to him taking my v-card. she’s fine with us sleeping together- but i think this is just a little more personal

  3. Hey LeMorgon,

    I’m still reading your updates. Sorry I haven’t been around for awhile. I hope you get the results that you want for this test without hurting yourself.


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