Bipolar Test- Day 10

I meant to take this to 14 days- but at 10 i am a miserable wreck and a shell of a person

Bike to school
avoid test with history teacher
buy tea
buy 2 candy bars

Focus in English
Focus and notes in ana
good in art
85lb in weight lifting

learned that boy may have been cheating with me on girl

zone out math
try to pay attention in history
bad in spanish

DIY with BOY and GIRL
Tell BOY about what GIRL said

Mania- 66
Depression- 35

This is the last fluxing day of this crap.


3 responses to “Bipolar Test- Day 10

  1. =( sorry to hear about that. Is this going to be the last day on the plan?

  2. yes it is- im going to be counting off the next six weeks though- because ive decided that i need to have 6 weeks to recover from this horrible 10 days before i try anything else…

  3. I understand. I hope for you to be ok after this.

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