Cool Down – Day 4

Setting up a therapy binder
off My meds
Feeling good so far
No fights today!
Made Chore Chart
Researched “feeling abandoned”
honestly didnt find much
when i have 7 emotions worth- ill post something up!
started a self-help binder
going shopping tomorrow


5 responses to “Cool Down – Day 4

  1. Self-help binder?

    • Yeah- it a binder with a section for everyday of the week, meds, therapy, and mood charts. I fill it out every day… and thats how i work through my issues. 🙂

      Its a lot like journaling- except i dont feel so bad when i miss a day- so im more likely to keep going. Today is day one!

  2. Here is some spam for you to eat!


  3. It sounds like it will help you greatly. Cool idea!:)

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