4 Trees

It’s a native american visions walk… I forget from what tribe or era. It’s for troubles youths to think about their futures.

I took it once- when I wasn’t ready. And I failed. But today I explained it to someone and realized what it really meant. It’s about consciously chooseing your own redemption or damnation.

And now I realize- I’m ready for redemption, I’m ready to right my wrongs. I’m ready to end the feuds that I’ve been having. To ataine a native american style zen.

So- its a new world. And… for this i have to start telling the truth. I… shouldn’t let my old lies stand, however… I’m not strong enough yet to correct them. From here- no excuses- no lies.


2 responses to “4 Trees

  1. This is good to hear. I hope you become stronger in your new ways. 🙂

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