Day… 8?

I dunno what day it is… but well call it day eight

Im at 169lbs 🙂 Nearly back on track with the weight
Ate balanced today 🙂

Had to quit my school clubs cause i was late for school again.
Mother cleaned my room so now I feel like my privacy is invaded.
I have to ride the bus to school from now on.
My teachers have to initial all my homework.

But more good news- I am working on an integration! Me (soph) and dark! How wonderful is that???

I think that I will need to take another inventory soon- i think that there are probably a few less of us than there were before… but i dont want to exclude anyone either… It’s all provisional i guess.

Im benching at 90lbs right now… so… over half my body weight!!! How amazing is that? I mean- for a guy that would suck- but im really excited about it!!! We max out on Thursday- and I’m stoked that maybe I’ll hit 95lbs!!! How awesome would that be???

In the middle of a moderate pregnancy scare… but it will pass soon- when in get my mense. But the prospect of an indegration is absolutely wonderful!!!


2 responses to “Day… 8?

  1. Sounds like the indegration will go well. Hope it works out as wonderful as you make it sound.

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