Integration is going well…
Enjoying life a bit
Maxing out tomorrow… hope to get 95lbs

I think that lifting weights is the only thing that I actually set goals in like im supposed to… and work towards them. Well.. I’m very happy with my gains in lifting- so I shouls start to apply that to the rest of my life- yes?

Anyway- got a note from my mother about my spanish project- so I don’t think that I;ll be failing that class.

I’ve actually been doing my homework- and jumping ontop of a lot of things- and it feels suprisingly good not to have things pile up on my. I thought I enjoyed it- but now I realize that I was just coping with a lack of motivation- and that the fear was the only things that was getting me going to do anything.

I think that I’m going to setermine where it is exactly that my limits are- because I feel like I never work to the best of my abilities. So I think that it’s time to figure out where the best of my anilities is.


2 responses to “Day-9

  1. 95lbs is alot! Glad to hear things seem to be getting better.

    Sorry I’ve haven’t been online, I don’t have internet cause of the move and I won’t have it till the 13th of next week. šŸ˜¦

    Hope to talk to you soon.

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