Last night

Well- I’ve decided to call that guy- all my readers know who I’m talking about- L.

Well- he called me last night- crying. It suprised me for a minute- and a sudden switch from Soph to Dark… And we talked for 2 and a 1/2 hours… haha- I’m nearly out of minutes now… used… 150 of them… have 20 left.

Well- my pregnancy scare is over- started my mense today- now I can finally breathe… I was honestly terrified.

Want to know something funny? I never really knew L and I were friends. Maybe it seems obvious to other people- but I always felt i was reading too into it.

And you know what hurts? I DO love him… I love him so much it hurts… but it’s not like that’s not new for me, loving someone who can’t/won’t/shouldn’t be more than a friend.

Integration going well- really well. Dark and Apollo broke up last night. Apollo is honestly really torn up, and I’m afriad he’ll slip into hypersexuality and depression. The break-up has been coming since the integration started- its hard for him because he loves her…

L- Apollo and Dark and Soph like L, so does Muse.


12 responses to “Last night

  1. sounds like you had a eventful night. How have you and Dark been?

    • We have been getting on rather well… Integration is proceding will- except for the breakdown that we had last night. Dark has apparently been bottling up lots of her fears and inadiquasies- and they exploded somewhat…

  2. Sorry to hear that she exploded. How are you two doing since then?

  3. sorry to hear that. How have you been doing?

    • I’ve been okay- Obsessing about L all the time… It drives me crazy- especially when I know that he’ll start to read by blog soon. I’m still sick- but going to school tomorrow- at least through weight training.

  4. Sorry to hear that your sick I hope you feel better.

    Is it love or lust?

  5. I understand why she is being that way. I just hope you two keep getting closer in a good way. I can’t wait to get my internet back so I can talk in chat again. Talk to ya in a couple days hopefully.

    • She’s started talking a little bit again. I think its actually kind of nice that she stayed away for a while to cool off. šŸ™‚

      And- look forward to seeing you- but I have to buy a new computer.

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