Sexual TMI

I know this is TMI- And I also know that it is cruel because L will be reading it- But I really feel the need to get this off my chest.

So- Back to that day that I can’t stop thinking about. Yeah- the sex was fun. The thought of that kept me blissed for – idk- maybe 4 or 5 days.

I was fixated on more sex for about a week and a half.

But what my mind keeps returning to is blowing him. It was fun, it felt good, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and he didn’t seem to mind either.

But- the best part- it annoyed me the first time he did it- but I LOVE it- was when he pulled up my hair so that he could watch me. THAT was delicious.

And yeah- It was casual sex. Hell- I’m okay with that- it didn’t mean anything. It’s just- I want to do that again- If not with him- then with someone as kind and considerate. I couldn’t have hoped for a better first.

And yet that perspective- me blowing him, looking at him through my hair as he watched me- it’s amazing, its teasing, and I want it again.


13 responses to “Sexual TMI

  1. woww haha didn’t expect that one, nice.

    • hahaha- I’ve been feeling pretty bad- but I’ll get over to your blog soon. I promise!

      And what do you mean you didn’t expect it? Neither did I! :p

      • haha it’s alright, no rush darling. (:

        I have been reading, but didn’t get time to post seeing I’ve been using my phone to keep to date haha, then saw this and was reading it to myself on the train to class. My jaw was like :O haha

      • Ha- well- I can’t have him again. He’s dating a friend of mine- and I should feel bad about the whole thing- but I don’t.

        You know- he came to me for relationship advice the other night- when he was crying- and I did the best I could to help him with it.

        You know what happened? They’re going to be together a lot longer now- he’s not thinking of breaking up anymore.

        That makes me happy- cause I give good advice- and I made him happy. But it also makes me sad ’cause that means that I can’t have him again.

        And you know- if I had’t been manic- I wouldn’t have slept with him.

  2. You’ll find someone to do it with again, I’m sute of it.

  3. This would make a good theme for a seriously interesting work of fiction. It might even be therapeutic to write it.

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