the writing of the book is going well. I’ve written about 13K and haven’t had any writer’s block yet. Excited about this book because it’s actually getting somewhere. I decided to write it a little bit my style, that is, organically, so I know that I’ll have things I need to tie up in my second draft, but I’m actually managing to get somewhere for once. I’m not bored with the story. 🙂

I’ve gotten to ep 49 out of 50 of Gundam SEED, which I would totally recomend.

Enjoying this new computer very much. 🙂 My mum is jelous of it.

And shy boys. >< why am I dating one? Why have I brought this upon myself yet again? All the frustratin and mixed signals??? Oh well. I'll just call him and suggest a date. He'll never manage to think of one on his own. At least not without some help.


2 responses to “NaNo

  1. Oh geez, you’re doing NaNoWriMo? I wanted to do it but it sounds crazy tough!

    And hey what’s wrong with shy boys??

    • Lol- the problem with shy boys is that he’s nearly too shy too hold my hand in ublic, when I’m way more willing and direct and dirty than that.

      So nothing wrong with them, just in the situation, when I’ve already spelled out my expectations.

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