At 13K for a book feels good.

I don’t feel great, but what is to be expected?

The city I live in is cracking down on the homeless- really? being mean to people because they don’t have anything?- so my mother will be sirving food in a new location today. I expect her to be hastled by the police again, so I think I will go with her this time. I know that having an encounter with the police will bolster me.

Started watching Alex Jones again. Don’t know what that will do for my paranoia– well that’s a lie, yes I do– but I should be info kicking more often. Perhaps I’ll do something on what St. Augustine is doing, how it is mistreating the homeless here, who are the people who need help the most!

I’m so tired of high school, so tired of this town. The day I move out, the day I move to Portland or Seattle will be a dream come true.


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