Not Much

Totally disorganized today.

BF ran himself over with an ATV over the weekend, apparently. Not like he called me. And he still won’t kiss me in public. “I’m too shy, I’m too shy.” Well, he’s not trying very hard to get me alone. And I won’t put up with it for much longer. I said up front what I expected from this relationship, and he said that sounded okay to him. Liar.

I’m just very frustrated with him, and a bunch of things, like I’m missing the beginning of Weightlifting Conditioning, cause one of my friends didn’t tell me when it started. I’m sorry, but without major work on her part, that friendship is OVER.

Got in a bit of a bitch fight at lunch, one of the girls was being really nasty to me. I’m not going to put up with one more peice of shit like that out of her mouth.


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