Another Day

Nothing much happened today except I pushed myself very hard at frisbee.

I feel tired.

I should charge my cell phone and talk to the boy I’m not even really interested in, My BF, I mean…

I should be writing and studying and the like, but I am tired, you know? Tired… I was up earlier, but I am tired…

Why can’t there be something exciting in my life? I’d like something exciting for a little while. Perhaps not forever, but for a little while.

I… need to be studying for my AP, but I am terminally bored… Terminally, i say…


On a misty mountain
Full of tears
I feel you waiting there…

As the spark blossoms
I’ll hold out my hand
And we can run away together…

When the wind is blowing
We can whistle and sing
And laugh until we weep…

But when the ground is cold
Beneath my feet
That is when I must



2 responses to “Another Day

  1. Why are you with someone you are not interested in? Just wondering.

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