Tomorrow I’m exercising until I drop because my coach insulted me about my weight today without even knowing.


2 responses to “03Dec

  1. That’s awful!!! Don’t kill yourself exercising now! It takes time to lose weight. You have to be patient. I’m sorry there’s so much pressure for you to lose weight in this situation of your class. That sucks!!! But it’ll happen!!!! Just keep doing what you’re doing and give it time!

    • no, in my sport, with my coach, there IS NO PRESSURE to drop the weight, and no expectation that I will. I’ve been working on it for a few days now, to drop the water weight (not through dehydration, but by actually drinking something for once!).

      And yeah, what I wrote sounds like over-exercise, but it’s really not going to be that intense. It’s a high of 55F today, and I have a low tolerence for discomfort. I won’t exercise that much. Most of the wight I’m losing is just bloating.


      note: What I’m losing right now is not “actual” weight. (does that make it imaginary???)

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