Tired — Bored

Nothing to really say today, except I’m so tired of my life…

I was looking at something about Harry Potter, which I actually find kind of triggering sometimes, because I’ll think of how much I wanted that world to be real, and how much I really hate this one.

This world isn’t filled with enough, this world is boring. Where is the fantastical? Where is the amazing? I just can’t stand to live like this.


2 responses to “Tired — Bored

  1. Funny, I was reading your blog today. Hope everything is , uh, going.
    This always makes me laugh:

  2. It’s going well for the moment, probably due to the severe up-tick in mood. But I’m planning out my exercise and things so that I stay occupied.

    TY for the vid

    And feel free to read my blog as much as you like.

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