A Little About Me

I’m a student, a junior in school, and I’m a writer, inventor, and thinker. What else would you like to know?

Helping multiples help themselves.

That’s my goal with this blog. It may seem a bit personal at times as I work through my own multiple issues, having only realized my multiplicity mid-July 2010. So, as I work through my own issues I intend to publish posts with helpful or how-to content.

Tell me about you, or leave your thoughts on me!


38 responses to “A Little About Me

  1. how did you find my wordpress?

    We have some eerily similar background.

  2. I see…I’m still pretty new to word press- I have kept this pretty anonymous, since it’s so private– I think I’ll follow you though…loving your blog 🙂

    • Oh, I’m sorry. If you don’t want me to read your blog I won’t.

      And I’m pretty new to wordpress myself. I started around the 4th of the month, but really took off recently.

      So is there any particular reason we relate, or a particular reason you like my blog? (Just curious! 🙂 )

  3. chartreuseflamethrower

    Being a median or plural in general isn’t always a disorder. 🙂

    Either way- nice to see there are plurals on wordpress. *only just now thought to look*

    • I fully agree with your point, and I’ll revise my explaination to be more clear. Thank you for pointing that out!

      • chartreuseflamethrower

        No problem. 🙂 I do know what you meant- but I don’t have a disorder, and it gets SO tedious having people assume I must have MPD/DID just because I’m not singlet.


  4. Yeah, I’m not really “out” right now, so I’m probably not as sensitive as I should be.

    • chartreuseflamethrower

      I’m not “out” offline, but I came out on a website before. One person was REALLY awful about it- assumed that I must have violent switches and black outs, and if I didn’t, I was just an attention-grabbing faker. Which has really, really put me off being “out” about it….


      • I can only imagine at this point, but that must have been horrible.

        I know how people can be. I have depression, which I don’t figure is very stigmatized, and I’ve had people treat me like lying meat for admitting I have a condition, and sometimes I need a little more time or help.

        “But your IQ is 147!”

        Which, of course, has nothing to do with it.

        And I’ve seen how people treated my trans ex-girlfriend when she didn’t ‘pass’. She wasn’t very out in public. But that surprised me too. I knew some people could be phobic… but it’s not the same untill you see it happen, or it happens to you. And when she ‘passed’ we also had issues, because then we were ‘read’ as lesbians!

        In this day and age, WTF does it really matter?

        So, I WILL, come out EVENTUALLY, but I’m taking it slowly… One little issue at a time.

        First tell ’em I’m depressed, then that I’m pansexual, then that I’m trigendered, THEN, if they still talk to me, maybe tell them I’m a median.

        And the whole attention-getting thing. When people do that, if you are an attention-seeker, you’re fuffilling it, and if you’re not, you feel severely insulted. I hate people like that. I don’t understand how people can be raised like that, I sure as hell wasn’t.


        ~LeMorgon Out

  5. chartreuseflamethrower

    Depression isn’t heavily stigmatized- mostly just stupidity about how “you should just try harder to be happy” or “other people have it harder- you’re just selfish” or other really worthless reasons why “you don’t seem depressed”. But nothing so bad as losing a job/family/whatever.

    And I’ve seen how people treated my trans ex-girlfriend when she didn’t ‘pass’. She wasn’t very out in public. But that surprised me too. I knew some people could be phobic… but it’s not the same untill you see it happen, or it happens to you. And when she ‘passed’ we also had issues, because then we were ‘read’ as lesbians!

    Blah- I really wish people would just mind their own business. People can be really awful to trans people, especially women, who don’t pass. It’s pretty disgusting how people can be to something “unusual”, even though it has absolutely no effect on them.

    When people do that, if you are an attention-seeker, you’re fuffilling it, and if you’re not, you feel severely insulted.

    Actually, most attention-seekers I’ve seen end up having a giant trauma every other week so it’s pretty impossible to act like you believe them without giving them attention.

    I’d been on that website for 2 years and most people had no idea I was multiple (I brought it up, like, 3 times but I didn’t scream about it). If I was really just attention-seeking, wouldn’t I have started sooner? Apparently this person used to be “multiple” (she named her moods to feel better about herself), so just assumed everyone else was like her. It was so stupid.

  6. I know depression isn’t really stigmatized, which is why these reactions suprise me.

    And I totally agree with you on the attention seeking thing. I hate when people think that the way they experience things is the “only” way, or the only “real” way to be. Again, I guess that just shows how I was raised.

    As my mother would say: “People are people first, and everything else they are is second.”

    • chartreuseflamethrower

      I think it does. My mom is one of the most bigotted people I know (probably not- but when you spend 18 years with a person it’s more obvious than someone you only share small talk with). I’m more surprised when people are open than when they’re prejudiced because I’m so used to it.

  7. hey =)

    thanks for commenting on my post. I’m just intrigued: what did you mean by “it pushes one to express oneself, and yet that self is isolated.” ? I have a rough idea, but it seems to hazy to be true.

    I feel isolated most of the time. Even though I’m surrounded with people 90 percent of the day. The education system in my country sucks.

    And I’ve been around depressed people my whole life and I know about the people living in your head. I can’t say I understand the things you are going through to a full extent, but I’ve read about it and I want to let you know that I think you are perfectly normal. Nobody has any right to deduce what sanity is, in the long run.

    You write too? =) Yeah, I’ll try writing when I’m happy, though I don’t feel as happy now. Happiness is short-lived, yeah?

    Keep well!

    • Yeah, happiness vanishes all too soon.

      I almost feel MORE isolated in a crowd.

      And yeah, I love to write. I’m heavy into speculative fiction and futuristic fantasy (and I love to blend the two, hense 101601, which is about half and half).

      Stay well yourself!

  8. hahah yeah they’re song lyrics! Thanks, your blog is extremely interesting too. =)

  9. emancipationofthemind

    Oh by the way, sorry that I made my blog private….it’s kind of a long story. If you want to view it though, let me know

  10. emancipationofthemind

    how did you find my wordpress?

  11. emancipationofthemind

    What’s world war mia? And don’t be sorry!

  12. emancipationofthemind

    Wait, why was I on there?
    Sorry I’m so paranoid…..

  13. emancipationofthemind

    By the way, I really like your blog. I think we’re similar in many ways. Are you a rising senior as well?

  14. emancipationofthemind

    Oh, okay. Sorry, I generally don’t comment on anything, and I didn’t know I could be found on a search. This was originally supposed to be a private online journal type thing, but I told somebody the site and forgot that anybody could view it so I made it private.
    Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

  15. emancipationofthemind

    Oh okay. I assumed you were a senior because of your ‘visit colleges’ in 101 things (I just did that last month when I was in the States)

    • Yeah. But I might as well get started early, right? I’ve finally figred out what i want to do! BIOLOGY and PSYCHOLOGY!

      • christopherolah

        Wow! That’s pretty awesome! I wish I’d started auditing when I was a junior. I learnt so much more auditing university courses than I did from high school…

  16. undercoverdid

    I’m glad you are learning about yourself at such a young age! I know its hard now, but I hope in the long run it helps you. It’s great to meet you 🙂

  17. haha hi, long time no speak

    recently did some diagnosis tests online because a friend suffering from depression recommended them to me (she spotted some symptoms, i believe) and I tested mostly positive for some form of depression or other. Just sharing with you. =)

    • Sorry to hear that. Depression is hard ><. If you need to talk, theres a nice Chat Room @ Depression Understood.

      If Im there, i'd be (sophia101601).

      Hope you feel better soon!

    • Can you link me to some of those? I’m pretty sure I fit the bill for long term & major depression. Should really get a diagnosis at some point, but therapists keep getting stuck on my gender and trying to figure out how to “cure it”. 😦 Doesn’t help the depression. (although one, when I told him I felt the urge to self harm he just said “don’t” and, a few months later, when I asked about anti-depressants he acted all shocked like “why would you need that?”, HATE that guy)

  18. Hi just wanted to say thanks for the comments and stopping by. I look forward to reading your blog 🙂

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